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Agricultural tour of the dead sea

In the heart of the arid and salty desert lies a Zionist settlement, to which it is said: “If you plant seeds they will burn, and what doesn’t burn, will not germinate, And those that germinate will not grow, And what does grow, will not produce fruit, And if there is fruit it will be […]

Tour Guige

Lifshitz Shai – 972-50-8876230 Shafir Ran – 972-50-8876281

Adventure Tour For The Whole Family

A  jeep tour through spectacular landscape with a professional guide. exiciting events “in the middle of nowhere”. for details: 052-3837935

Attractions and Guided tours

Welcome to the Attractions and Guided Tours Online Booking site .Here you will find many information on things to do in Israel. Our goal is to provide you with unforgettable experiences in Israel. We cooperate with the main tour and activity operators throughout the country, giving you the option to book all of them easily […]

En Gedi Nature Reserve and National Park

The spectacular En Gedi Nature Reserve, just west of the Dead Sea shore, is blessed with two year-round streams, the David Stream in the north and the Arugot Stream in the south. The four springs in the reserve, originating in rainfall in the Judean Mountains, have a total flow-rate of some 3 million cubic meters […]

Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve

“Our prospects at Ain Feshkhah seemed as bright as at Jericho, and we were already prepared to pronounce the Dead Sea shore to be the shore of charmed life. Water, vegetation, birds and beasts, geology and hot baths – everything was in abundance.” –– Henry Baker Tristram, The Land of Israel: A Journal of Travels […]

Qumran National Park

The uncovering of the remains of the settlement of Qumran, on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea, and the Dead Sea Scrolls found nearby, ignited the imagination of both Jews and Christians. In addition to the oldest copies of the Hebrew Scriptures ever found and scrolls pertaining to the ancient community known as the […]