Hotels In Dead Sea

Holyday in Israel is a Dead Sea hotel, the lowest place on earth, and one of the most beautiful and unique place in the world. Float on the waters of the Dead Sea and the feeling of freedom. A personal vacation for strengthening health, to stay in the place where King David, Herod, Lot and the biblical story of Lot's wife, Masada and the famous story of heroism and stories from the Bible about which we all grew up, it is an unforgettable experience.

At Almog Dead Sea Resort in Kibbutz Almog, you can enjoy the hotel's rooms and the kibbutz. You can book directly on the home site and get the best price.

Vacation in the Dead Sea resort is unforgettable holiday.

For hundreds of thousands of years, the Dead Sea has fascinated people who have been swept into it and been a place that attracts thousands. People who came here for their own reasons.

King David who escaped from King Saul and stayed around the Ein Gedi stream and Nachal Arugot, as well as the escape from Jerusalem during the Great Revolt against the Romans. The great story of Herod, who built a city of refuge in Masada in case of rebellion against him.

Today, the Dead Sea Hotels area serves both a health vacation to which people from all over the world come to enjoy the "salt" water and the richest of minerals in the sea.

In the dead sea area there is a large number of hotels around the Dead Sea, with high occupancy all year round, domestic tourism and tens of thousands of Tourists from all over the world