Adventure Tour For The Whole Family

A  jeep tour through spectacular landscape with a professional guide.

exiciting events “in the middle of nowhere”.

for details: 052-3837935

Tour Guige

Lifshitz Shai – 972-50-8876230

Shafir Ran – 972-50-8876281

Agricultural tour of the dead sea

Tour of the Fields of Almog – Seasonal

Almog grows a variety of field crops according to season,
Bell Peppers, Aubergines, onions and watermelon.  In the scriptures it is mentioned “if a man is
just one meter from the Dead Sea and he ploughs the earth and plants seeds, they
will not grow, the air is salty and the earth is saltier still.  The pioneers of the Dead Sea discovered and
understood that it is possible to cultivate the earth around the Dead Sea,  by first irrigating the earth with sweet water before seeding.